About Shore Machine Works


Our team of machinist and welders bring a wide variety of skills and experience.

From our youngest apprentice to our most experienced machinist, all take great pride in the work they perform and seek excellence in the product they deliver.

Our shop is pleased to have 8 machinist with an accumulated 220 years of experience.

Our welding team includes 2 individuals with over 20 years of accumulated experience.

Shore Machine Works has been in operation since 1971 and is a well-known reliable source for quality & creative workmanship.

Shore is your Ottawa and area one stop supplier for prompt welding repairs, fabrication and precision machining that doesn’t think any job is too small.

Shore is certified to the Canadian Welding Bureau standards. We specialize in all types of repairs to many kinds of equipment. Many of our clients rely on Shore for creative repairs and fabrication of parts no longer available from the original manufacturer. Our fast, informal service is a reflection of our belief in old fashioned friendliness.

The Shore staff is likely the most experienced group of machinists in Ottawa. They have old-school values of quality workmanship and pride in a job well done. Our shop is equipped with older but cared for conventional machining equipment on which the skill of the machinist is apparent.